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What is dCode?

We wanted a simple way to take our SAP Dashboard models and view them on mobile devices, and websites. We developed dCode for consultants to use, and now we want to share this innovation with other dashboard gurus, like you!

dCode is an addon to Xcelsius that helps you realize the potential of HTML5 dashboards, allowing you to consume them on smart phones, tablets and traditional desktop machines.

No need to learn a new tool or do any programming.  It’s simple and intuitive to use, and designed for non-techy people.

On the Go!

On the Go!

With HTML5 as the output, you can use a dCoded dashboard on smart phones, tablets and traditional desktop machines.
dCode enables you to take your models along with you wherever you go.

No Code needed

No Code needed

Designed by Xcelsius dashboard users for Xcelsius dashboard users.
There is no need to write any code.

Pre-canned Effects

Pre-canned Effects

With pre-canned effects you can add some extra “wow” to your dashboard models.  Including animated loading images.

Live data!

Live data!

Leveraging the awesome power of InfoBurst XDC you can add live data to your dashboards, including the ability to write back to a database.

Multiple output locations

Multiple output locations

You can choose to export your dashboard to multiple destinations.  Including HTML5, IBApps, FTP, iBooks Widgets

Get the style you want

Get the style you want

With our style wizard and the ability to inject custom CSS you can get the look that is right for your model.

What is dCode

dCode is an addon to Xcelsius which enables you to unlock the power of your dashboard as HTML5. dCode enables you to take your HTML5 dashboard and host it anywhere.

What Versions of Xcelsius are supported

dCode supports:

Dashboards 4.1 all service packs
Dashoards 4.0 SP5 or higher  (in development)

How do I view the HTML5 dashboard

Once dCoded you can choose to view your dashboard in many different ways.


  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari


  • Android web browser
  • iPhone / iPad Safari browser
  • IBApps iPad application (coming soon to iPhone)
  • SAP BI Mobile application

Can I use 3rd party add-on components

Yes.  As long as your 3rd party add-ons support HTML5 output, then you will be able to dCode them.

To check whether your add-on supports HTML5 please speak with the vendor, or check the Mobile Compatibility pane in Xcelsius.


With dCode we can now rapidly prototype our HTML5 dashboards using tools we already know.

Rapid Prototyping

dCode is easy to use, and only took me seconds to pick it up and convert my dashboard.

Easy to Use!



HTML5 dashboards without the Coding
  • Export HTML5 to a network location
  • Export to InfoBurst as an IBApp
  • Export as an iBook Widget


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